Flint gas cigarette lighters with characteristic R shape designed based on ergonomics so that they fit in hatd. This model was first developed for a pastime of SAROME founder Kunijiro Segawa who tried to design an original cigarette lighter in cooperation with designer. It is designed to enable the series of operations of taking the lighter in hand, opening the cap, turning the roller to ignite, and closing the cap smoothly.

SD12 series with regular flame is suitable for cigarette smoking
PSD12 series with 45-degree angle flame is most suitable for pipe smoking.

Dimensions 60.2 x 35 x 14 mm
Weight 60 grams
Gas capacity 1.45 grams
Number of ignition Approx. 240 times
Type/fuel Flint cigarette lighter/Butane gas
Brand: Sarome
Product Name: SD12 series flint cigarette lighter
Manufacturer: Sarome Tokyo in Japan

SD12-11 Antique brass arabesque / UPC 627753068530
SD12-12 Antique silver arabesque / UPC 627753068547
SD12-28 Antique black arabesque / Silver / UPC 627753068554
SD12-29 Antique silver arabesque / Rose gold / UPC 627753068561
PSD12-03 / Palladium engine turn / UPC 627753068882
PSD12-11 Antique brass arabesque / UPC 627753068110
PSD12-12 Antique silver arabesque / UPC 627753068127
PSD12-28 Antique black arabesque / Silver / UPC 627753067922
PSD12-29 Antique silver arabesque / Rose gold / UPC 627753067939

SD12 Regular flame for cigarette smoking
PSD12 45-degree angle flame for pipe smoking