SD6 is the 2nd oldest of the current SAROME models after SD1 and a collection of flint gas cigarette lighters designed in 1979. There is dignified operation feeling in cap opening, closing and so forth and the structure is constructed solid with brass gas tank and the exteriors. It is finished with minute considerations such as the lid covering the injection opening at the bottom of the lighter. A standard form of flint gas cigarette lighters and optimal for formal situations. A product with high degree of completion backed up by tradition.

Dimensions64.5 x 32 x 10 mm
Weight93 grams
Gas capacity1.5 grams
Number of ignition
Approx. 250 times
Flint lighter/Butane gas

Brand: Sarome
Product Name: SD6 series flint lighter
Manufacturer: Sarome Tokyo in Japan

SD6-09 Silver hairline / diamond cut / UPS 627753069667
SD6-10 Gold hairline / diamond cut / UPS 627753069674
SD6-13 Silver hairline / UPS 627753067380
SD6-14 Silver hairline / Lattice diamond cut / UPS 627753067397
SD6-15 Silver / Black epoxy resin / UPS 627753067816
SD6-16 Silver / Black epoxy resin / Lattice diamond cut / UPS 627753067823
SD6-17 Silver hairline / Diamond cut / UPS 627753067403
SD6-18 Black nickel hairline / diamond cut / UPS 627753067410
SD6-19 Silver / Lattice / UPS 627753067830
SD6-20 Black nickel / Lattice / UPS 627753067847