The history of its success is the story of style and distinction itself.
Sarome’s most honored and traditionally styled flint cigarette lighter.

Dimensions61.5 x 33.4 x 8.5 mm
Weight75 grams
Gas capacity1.3 grams
Number of ignition
Approx. 210 times
Flint lighter/Butane gas

Brand: Sarome
Product Name: SD7 series flint lighter
Manufacturer: Sarome Tokyo in Japan

SD7-09 Silver lattice diamond cut / UPC 627753069681
SD7-10 Gold lattice diamond cut / UPC 627753069698
SD7-11 Silver hairline / arabesque / UPC 627753067427
SD7-15 Silver Satin / Silver polish / UPC 627753067441
SD7-16 Silver Satin / Black / UPC 627753067458
SD7-17 Silver half matt/ Stripe / UPC 627753260057
SD7-18 Gun metal half matt/  Stripe / UPC 627753260064
SD8-23 Antique brass arabesque / UPC 627753260071
SD8-24 Antique silver arabesque / UPC 627753260088