Extremely simple flint gas cigarette lighters.
Flint exchange is very easy even for new users because the flint is fixed with a simple pin.
Also reasonable in price and recommended for new users.

Dimensions69.2 x 23.5 x 9.5 mm
Weight60 grams
Gas capacity1.35 grams
Number of ignition
Approx. 220 times
Flint cigarette lighter/Butane gas
*PSD9 series The 45 degree angle flame is most suitable for pipe smoking.

Brand: Sarome
Product Name: SD9 series flint lighter
Manufacturer: Sarome Tokyo in Japan

SD9-10 Nickel super satin / UPC 627753069322
SD9-12 Nickel diamond cut / UPC 627753069339
SD9-20 Silver engine turn / UPC 627753069377
SD9-21 Silver/2-tone blue& black epoxy resin inlaid / UPC 627753069384
SD9-22 Silver/black epoxy resin inlaid/Swarovski crystal / UPC 627753069391
SD9-24 Silver satin vertical diamond cut / UPC 627753069407
SD9-25 Silver 2-side vertical dome diamond cut / UPC 627753069414
SD9-26 Silver lattice dome diamond cut / UPC 627753069421
SD9-28 Silver satin / Side diamond cut / UPC 627753069445
SD9-30 Silver diamond cut / Side satin / UPC 627753069469
SD9-32 Silver / Black line diamond cut / UPC 627753067663
SD9-33 Silver / Centre black line diamond cut / UPC 627753067670
SD9-34 Rose gold / Black line diamond cut / UPC 627753067687
SD9W-01 Flint Lighter Chrome Satin/Grey / UPC 627753067076
SD9W-02 Flint Lighter Chrome Satin/Red / UPC 627753067083
SD9W-03 Flint Lighter Chrome Satin/Black / UPC 627753067090
SD9W-04 Flint Lighter Chrome Satin/Blue / UPC 627753067106
PSD9-07 Nickel Super Satin (Light Gunmetal) / UPC 627753069490
PSD9-11 Silver Diamond Cut / UPC 627753069506
PSD9-13 Silver Engine Turn / UPC 627753069513
PSD9-14 Silver satin / Vertical line / UPC 627753067892