Flint pipe type gas lighter built-in tamper SAROME’s first, and pick.

It is a flint lighter gas pipe dedicated housed in the body, tamper and pick which is indispensable to the pipe. I was equipped with a locking mechanism stable operation to be able to tamper.
A series of operations to turn the roller it after opening the cap is very smooth, flame inclined at 45 degrees diagonally director makes a smooth ignition of the pipe. In addition, the body which gave the thickness of the roller somewhat longish, can realize the profound feeling and feeling of hold in your hand.

Dimensions14.5 x 31 x 71 mm
Weight98 grams
Gas capacity1.25 grams
Number of ignition
Approx. 200 times
Flint cigarette lighter/Butane gas

Brand: Sarome
Product Name: PSD37 series flint pipe lighter w/pipe tools
Manufacturer: Sarome Tokyo in Japan

PSD37-02 Black Polished alumite / UPC 627753067526
PSD37-03 Silver lattice alumite / UPC 627753067533
PSD37-04 Black lattice alumite / UPC 627753067540