Sarome brand BM15 model single torch cigar cigarette lighters. Japan’s leading lighter brand “Sarome”. Since our establishment in the early Showa era in 1940, we have stubbornly kept the manufacturing process close to handmade, and have grown into a brand with high appreciation in the world. Even if we succeeded in developing a catalytic jet frame and turbo lighter that will not disappear for the first time in the world, we can see the high level of its technical capabilities. It is easy to catch fire as a cigar lighter, it is also ideal for outdoor on windy day at your backyard or park.

Dimensions(mm): 61.5 x 35 x 13.5 mm
Weight(g): 84 grams
Gas capacity: 0.7 grams
Number of ignition: Approx. 170 times
Type/fuel: Single jet flame lighter / Butane gas

BM15-04 Black matt / Gold Satin 0.2μ / UPC 627753067779
BM15-05 Silver barrel finish / Silver satin / UPC 627753068660
BM15-06 Brass barrel finish / Gold satin 0.2μ / UPC 627753068677