Brand: Legendex
Product Name: Elegance
Product No.: 06-30-100 series
Manufacturer: Samuelex Corporation
Importer & distributor: Samuelex International Inc.
Warranty: 1-year limited warranty provided by the importer
Service manual & warranty book: English and French languages

Dimension (mm): 97.0×72.0x18.0
Weight (gram): 114.45
Type: Metal cigarette / mini cigar case KS w/built-in turbo windproof lighter, refillable and adjustable
Fuel: Butane gas
Ignition Times: Approx. 120 times
Capacity of 13 king size cigarettes
Sales unit: One combination inserted into a deluxe gift box

06-30-101 White nickel satin (Silver) / Arabesque; UPC: 627753063016
06-30-102 Black nickel satin (Gun metal) / Waves; UPC: 627753063023
06-30-103 White nickel satin (Silver) / Windows; UPC: 627753063030
06-30-104 Black nickel satin (Gun metal) / Lines; UPC: 627753063047
06-30-105 Black nickel satin (Gun metal) / Arabesque; UPC: 627753063108